A difficult point to write about unless we have truly felt its presence. It is frustrating and always seems to be getting in the way. Distraction, there are times it is what we seek, and of course as for pretty much everything in this world the flip side, it charms us away when we least want it. 

I guess the question to ask is not whether it seeks us, but rather how strongly we desire it when we least want it. I know this sounds rather absurd, but think about it.

I imagine myself sitting by the side of a window on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a long time since I got a chance to just spend some quite time with myself. Sitting there contemplating about the purpose of life and looking beyond the mundane activities of the day. Feeling a sense of enthusiasm and determination in meeting life to really embark on a journey to seek myself (whatever that it!). And POOF! “distraction”, the form is not important, it presence is sufficient.

It is almost midnight that I am thinking about i. In retrospect, it feels as if there was no commitment in that thought. The sense of seeking purpose in life is but a sham. Just a glorified thing to talk about with when I get a chance to fool myself into getting a false sense of accomplishment in spiritual playgrounds of life. 

Have you ever felt it?