Ever since I came to India about 3 weeks back. Ever since lading here, I am surprised to see sexual assault cases making regular headlines in the news. I am not going to point to specific cases, as each one of them has been gruesome and debilitating. I feel as a person, a human, a member of the society, a part of this country, what can I do? How can there be a support structure to help these innocent victims? Mind that, these are only a small fraction of cases being made public. There may be so many who are just too ashamed or scared to come out into the open. How then can an effect system be established that can do some meaningful help. I feel powerless and at the same time provoked (almost) to take some action.

After all, everyone of us loves to chat and discuss, but back out when it comes to action. This is a social problem that needs action from the entire society, without involvement of the entire society it would be worthless. Anyone has any suggestions to get started…?