The most sought after, the most debated and the most violent topic in life. Right from our birth we oppose and fight, argue and break, just for establishing to ourselves, the existence of free will. The system of Democracy was built around this so called free will. War for independence has been fought in the name of free will. People struggle in their lives, earn money, gain positions of power in order to establish their power of free will.

Today I fight a similar battle, with the desire to establish myself in this family. With a desire to have a position of responsibility and say in this family. At the same time be able to choose my career through free will. I who has struggled with failures over the past three years, trying to establish my free will, have learnt one thing. What ever it is, its nature is like that of sand. The more I try to grab on to it, the more it slips away. I have learnt that I dont fully comprehend the meaning of free will, pride can sometimes disguise it self as a desire for free will.