Every single day I read the prayer with a simple request to G_D for peace. Every single time, I convince myself that it is noble to ask for peace; as anything else is plain outright selfish. But then it struck me couple of days back. How can G_D give me that, which is already mine? If I am asking Him for peace, I am assuming that it is an element that is not a part of me.

I looked at every scenario since that day, the argument with my Mom, the active debate with my sis and the scene where I seek advice from dad. Each case presented me with a choice in not only acting in a certain way, but forming a mental attitude of compassion and openness. I realized that by just knowing that I can be of service to the person psychologically. Keep their mental peace and in turn get in touch with my own.

Unfortunately our interaction with others forms but a minute fraction of our conversations. We converse with ourselves more than we do with anyone else. So my thoughts are my own greatest barrier to peace. Knowingly I forsake peace to yield to the call of the thoughts. Despite this realization I feel helpless and at loss at seeking peace.

So I ask myself having turned a corner in this life, What have I learnt so far that makes me a better human being today?