After 60 odd years of our independence, this day 25 years ago marked the beginning of the breakdown of brotherhood and tolerance. A country despite its religious differences, was united in overcome foreign rule of over a century today faces the same battle with its own kinsmen. The political machinery of this country is geared to dividing the society to as much as it can in a desperate battle to acquire power.

Gone are those days where politicians were respected as philosophers and founders of modern society. The IAS, IPS officers only have to memorize their names to come to power, but the values they represented have disappeared. In the length and breadth of this country the Govt offices have a picture of Mahatma Gandhi hanging right in front of the entrance, but the values of truth, non-violence and tolerance that he preached during his life has gone amiss.

He who has most money to throw rules today. Resource, and not Reason rules Indian Politics after 62 years of so called independence. Politics has become a dirty, filthy and repulsive place to be. In the muddy slush called the government, the bureaucratic pigs enjoy life of lethargy and self gloating.

Kashmir, Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, without a vision are run by families (or at least have a huge familial influence in votes).

The Brits destroyed the education system which taught people to self-reason at the grass root levels. Today’s politicians have become experts at using this ever expanding void to fill their pockets.

Govt institutions such as the DRDO, ISRO etc have become haven for people who mint money at the expense of government sponsored projects. It is a well known fact that, when equipment and supplies are bought for these projects, the contractors have to pay these officials money, to get these contracts. The company which is best placed to pay the required sum (underhand) successfully gets the contract. (Unfortunately, there are no proofs with me to substantiate this claim). Simple stuff such as servicing the Air conditioners, or computers, the

quoted price = Actual price + the bribe money given to get the contract

On one end where in countries such US, where DARPA, is the major contributor to the advanced technologies, the Indian government controlled organizations are the leaches wasting money at the expense of the citizens of the country. Who is to account for them?

I started out wanting to write exclusively about Dynasty rule following the 25th death anniversary of Sri. Indira P. Gandhi and how much her decision to introduce her son into Indian political system and previously by her father brought a trend that is corroding today’s political system in India, but unfortunately nothing ever connected with India in general goes without talking about Corruption and Money-mindedness.

I returned from the US four months back. I will be flying to Taiwan in a few weeks. In these short few months I have had a chance to see in day to day life how much carelessness and indifference has grown in people towards a fellow citizens. I ask G_D standing on the shores of this country, what has happened to its past glory, how long will a common man in this country have the strength to struggle against that which is forcing him to abandon his pure nature and turn to violence and hatred?