I think it is time that I start a section dedicated to Taiwan… This is my first post on Taiwan…

I came here about six months ago. Right down I noticed how calm and quite it is here. You don’t see the hustle-bustle of Mumbai or the focused pace of New York. I dont live in Taipei, perhaps the story there is different. I am living and to some extent surviving rather joyously in an ancient port city of Lugang. Located in the Central part of Taiwan in the Changhua county. A place that boasts in abundance the rich tradition of worship in the form of the many temples constructed here. It is a village of sorts that an Indian would call a town. The beauty of this town lies around is its narrow almost one and a half lane roads that give the serene view of the paddy (rice) fields. Lush green, swaying around as a gentle breeze caresses them teasingly. The city is right at the edge of the sea. Infact a lot of its land has slowly been reclaimed from the sea.

A few minutes drive and you will hit the downtown Changhua city. Not the modern Taiwanese city by any stretch. But it lives up to the reputation of being in the land of the neon. Life’s simple needs are met with absolute ease here. It boasts an international super market in the form of Carrafoure. I haven’t yet found my range of spices for Indian style cooking, but there isn’t a dearth of options. I have tried varieties from Thai, Indonesian, French, Italian to Taiwanese spices. I will write more on eating and cooking habits of people at a later time.

All in all the first six months have been a wonderful. Although to learn more about the fascinating culture and the people of Taiwan, it is essential to know Mandarin. This is a dream place for anyone coming from India or from the US to live in. I hope I can learn as much as I can during my stay in this magnificent country.