Taiwan, a culture that is in its own way very fascinating. One of the most favorite past times of people here is music. I mean Taiwanese pop music. Bored!!?? get up and go to your own private music show… sing all night if you want. Karaoke or KTV as it is known in Taiwan and mainland China.

KTV, appeals equally to the oldies as it is to the young generation Taiwanese. It is so much an integral part of the Taiwanese culture. I think it is an excellent way to get to mingle with your friends in Taiwan. The concept for me is very new, because I dont know of any existing Karaoke places in India.

I went to one last night. It was amazing, apart from the back pain that crept in… it was fabulous. I sang two english songs, for the first time in my life and I know I suck… but that is the fun part… everybody sings along.

It is a must to experience it to know the modern day Taiwanese culture.

Oh! and yes, I have finally made my stop to Nova, in Taichung. And I think I will be going for Nikon D90, available at 34000 NT.