When you are working in a foreign country and don’t know the native language, you are at a disadvantage. You can hear people talking with some familiar catch phrases in English, and you begin to wonder what the discussion is about. It gets even more curious when people start whispering when there is no one around excepting you again catch an occasional word or two in English which kind of gives you the drift, but not the whole picture. Give it some time and it will definitely drive you into paranoia. Working in a team is all about trust. When this paranoia sets in, all of of a sudden you catch yourself thinking is this discussion about me. The paranoia gets a little more support when occasionally you hear a word that sounds like your name, but you cannot be sure.

Working in an alien land, is all about careful balance of these emotions. Keep it in you for too long and it will destroy who you are with pent-up anger and eventual dissatisfaction. Don’t act on it and it gives people a free reign of speech against you. The key is to not give too much importance to it. More often than not, the discussion is not about you. Even if it were it only talks about the ill-repute of the people involved who cannot show you the simple courtesy of using a common language when speaking about you. (Well that was anger talking. πŸ™‚ , but its true. ).

The goal is to not get too carried away because the eventual problem lies with you. The truth however hard it is to accept is that “You don’t know the language my friend!“, so stop pitying yourself or getting angry at others and use the resources at your disposal to do whats necessary (learn the language). πŸ™‚ …