I had this amazing opportunity, thanks to my friend Chen Fangchi, that I could to attend a Cancer survivor group get together in Taipei. The amount of energy this group had and the positive outlook that people had was so stimulating.

I travelled from Taizhung to Taipei with three people. Two of them being multiple cancer survivors. I was a little hesitant to talk intially, but thanks to Mr. Kou, the person on the left in the picture below, I was able to communicate in my broken chinese what I was doing in Taiwan, where I lived, why I was travelling with them and in the process learn their story.

When I met him at the Bus station at Taizhung, I did not for a second imagine that this man had survived a large intestinal cancer. He was so cheerful and excited about life. But only after about an hour and half during the journey did he narrate his side of the story.

Cancer not only drains the person who is suffering but also takes a heavy toll on the loved ones. Some relationships are able to survive this ordeal, some not. One of the ladies who joined us from Taizhung, had survived a large intestine cancer and later on breast cancer; she is divorced.

Another couple who were also with us. The husband had survived triple cancer. I could see the pain in his eyes but yet had maintained generally a cheerful face. This person, later on when I was returning back from Taizhung to Zhanghua ran across from one platform to the other just to tell me that my train was late. That is the level of courtesy and care people have for each other in Taiwan.

The afternoon at Taipei was mostly about getting people involved, playing games and have fun. A majority of people who were there were much older. Perhaps as old as (if not older than) my Grand parents. It was an amazing sight, how many family members had turned up in support.

On one end I regret not knowing enough Chinese to talk to the people. But on the other hand I felt truly blessed to be amongst them, for my problems in life seemed to be minuscule compared to the pain and suffering they went through. And to see them take life with such Love and excitement made me wonder, what reason did I ever have to complaint.

Thanks again to my lovely friend Fangchi for inviting me…