I came across this poll on the Times of India website asking asking people… listing a bunch of agencies, a bunch of political figures to point finger at who’s responsible. Asking questions such as if we should have the games or not… etc. But under all this facade of CWG, the typical mindset of an Indian has been brutally exposed.

CHALTA HAI !! (its okay!) That is the attitude we as Indians have developed to everything that we do to others, to ourselves and to what others do to us. We as Indians have lived a life which teaches us, ki Bhaiyaa (O Brother!), if we don’t take care of ourselves who will. The sense of dignity of being an Indian is lost when such shameful spectacles as the CWG come to light.

The debate and blame-game has started and not soon enough. But what everyone has forgotten is, do we get back the lost respect by blaming Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Mr. Jaipal Reddy or Mr. M. S. Gill. Of course, we need to find a scapegoat. Some one who will be hanged in the media and whose image will be brutally tarnished so that, our media, our politicians and of course we the PEOPLE OF INDIA, feel GOOD!! Ki bahiyya (O Brother!), Ab Chalta hai! (Now its okay!).

Kab tak Chalega!!??