Hi… its been a while since I wrote and a long eventful couple of months later, I am back with more insights into life as it lives through me. Ever since my stay in Taiwan I have felt or seemingly felt overly good about myself. Not necessarily a bad thing. But, then situations do change. The things we take for granted, pass. Today as I look exactly one year back at a man on the verge of voyage to the east, to Taiwan, was also on a journey, in someways at a defining moment in his life. There were expectations, there was hope, there was passion and circumspection. Today, there is anger, resentment, anxiousness and loneliness.

However, this very moment, as I take off my watch and place it beside me on the table, I feel the burden of time lifted off of me. And yet, peace feels like the brother who has left me after a big fight and with that has left an empty void that seems never to fill. I yearn to be alone, where the pretenses of life do not bother me. The masks put on the faces do not cloud the reality. A utopia, that of course does not exist but in my dreams.

But, it is not in this fantasy that life continues but in the reality of everyday that it evolves into its majesty. Although, it has presented me with a facet of life, that I have lived through before, in a different scenario, but the lessons are the same. It continues to educate me patiently… and I continue to be its disobedient student.