To even post this with absolute certainty is stupid. It just doesn’t make sense to be able to say what the core of spirituality is. How can one express it in words. Words that betray human emotions and feeling. That tend to distort facts that are black and white and bring in a shades of gray. How can these words be used to express the concept so perceptual (or non-perceptual). Anyway, I try to put a few words that seem to have flooded my conscious mind.

In ancient India, Adi Sankara traveled the length and breadth of the country to reignite the spark of Vedic culture to guide the masses towards their spiritual quest through the eternal dictum of religious teachings. I had a similar experience during my latest trip to India.

Over the last year, I have been struggling to establish a sense of spiritual contentment. Every spiritual endeavor seemed to end for a never ending quest for material satisfaction. It was like, I was looking very deeply outside of myself to find this. I have asked myself countless number of times, what do I really believe in. What am i looking for. The one thing that this year long session grilled day in and day out into me was that one way or the other I am looking for peace. But two questions, arose from this. What does this peace mean? What do I do to get it? This battle is an ongoing process.

But almost as an answer (more so a reminder) it came to me on the night of Maha Shivratri. Having attended for a few minutes the vedic chants and hyms recited at the temple, triggered the desire to go back inside and probe further. The feeling that almost seemed to have been drained out of me, somehow got recharged and rejuvenated that day, eager to jump into the depths of the inner self and explore as a child would with carefree curiosity.

The one thing, my spiritual quest seems to come back always to is; religion. I may curse it, I may love it, I may ignore it, I may do whatever I want with it. But religion (for me) remains at the core of spirituality. It guides when I am lost. It soothes when I am frustrated. Without religion, spirituality for me would have had no meaning.