In hindu philosophy the trinity is associated with the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. To many of us who follow Hinduism, it also represents the various paths of devotion. Vaishnavites, those who believe Vishnu as the main deity and Shivites, those who believe Shiva as the main deity. I will take another article to discuss the details of this matter, but universally all Hindus believe in the main characteristic of the trinity as the “Creation”, the “Sustainment”, and the “Dissolution”.

But this three fold process if looked into more closely forms the very basis of everything in life. Any task, any project undertaken is first initiated, sustained through human effort and with time it comes to a close. Likewise, during the course of a day, thoughts are born, they find sustainment, and they end when the desire underlying the thought is fulfilled. It is through creation of the thought that nature is born. A new research idea, a new development project model gives rise to the process of creating. Protection of this creation follows. Dissolution is when the creation merges back into the source. When the building or machine created has completed its use, it is broken down and either recycled into its basic elements or is disposed off.

By the very nature a human being is made of this same trinity. These three processes are continuously working through and within a human being. These three processes also represent what is called as the three qualities described in the Hindu philosophy, called the Sathwa, Rajas and Tamas. The three aspects of GOD – Generation, Organization and Dissolution are the very nature of our being.