In spiritual path, often people tend to think and also try to practice severe austerity. Trying to devoid the sense organs. Baba explains, that although that is the goal of spiritual practice, but it is not the first step. It often leads to confusion and belies the underlying feeling. Baba, explains that the strength of character is far more important platform in the spiritual process. In the following quotation, He clears this fact unequivocally.

Some try to be devoid of gunas (qualities), but they achieve only living death. Their pale faces reveal only lack of zest and interest. This is the result of unreasoned haste in one’s spiritual discipline. Though one should ultimately transcend the gunas, there should be no hurry to reach the goal. Even though a person may have the ardour, it very often leads to dilemmas, which many solve by means of drastic measures! Hence, first, one must accumulate the wealth of character.

With the nature of Character firmly placed on the seat of mind, the mind is better capable to follow the direction of the intellect and the subconscious without fuss.