then just Laugh! There is no reason, no time, no place, no company needed for laughter. A day without laughter is the most wasted days of life. Go to and search for a video, and start it. It is a meditation beyond any in life.

Once, during a congress of world religions, all the leaders of religions across the world, saints, mystics, philosophers, scientists, psychologists gathered together to discuss (well rather debate and argue šŸ™‚ ) to answer the question, “What is Spirituality?”. One after the other, each of these greats thinkers walked up to the podium giving lengthy expositions giving quotations from different texts in their respective religions or scientific journals. Utterly confusing and angering each other but ultimately never coming to a conclusion. When everyone seemed get busy, discussing and trying to convince people around them about their arguments, a monk who had come from a remote village in the Himalayas, got up and walked up the microphone on the podium and waited as the arguments and discussions subsided. Then he started laughing… and laughing and laughing. Initially everyone was confused and thought he was crazy. But slowly one by one, everyone joined him and the entire conference room went into an uproar of laughter. Then he suddenly stopped. And said, this is Spirituality.

My understanding is, when we abandon our differences, with others and within ourselves, and allow for a natural expression of love, it comes out as laughter. Though laughter may be the by product, but it works otherway around too… laughter breaks the barriers and allows for unhindered expression of love. So go ahead have a hearty laugh and get back on the fast track on the spiritual highway…