Shared from a friend of a friend.

Hindu Religion, is the only religion, that is a philosophy. It embraces every religion, every philosophy and accommodates every personal way of thinking.

Baba says:Dharma (code of conduct) is not a matter of time and space to be modified and adjusted to the needs and pressures of the moment. It means a number of fundamental principles that should guide mankind in its progress towards inner harmony and outer peace. When man stays away from Dharma, he meets with greater harm than even physical slavery. These principles are called Sanatana because their origins are not dated, their author is not identifiable; they are the revelations made in the clarified intellects of impartial sages. They are basic and eternal.

Sanatana dharma, the eternal philosophies of life are not part of a religious teaching or ceremony. As Baba again says…

Therefore, if you want to understand and establish the total picture of dharma (code of conduct), what you have to do is to make a synthesis of the essence of all religions. When we are able to bring and put together the ideas of everyone, the moral laws supported by all religions, and the truth that is in all religions, we will have a picture of Sanathana Dharma.

Each one of our religions is in essence part of the eternal philosophy. To cherish them, and to practice them with proper understanding is but path the of spiritual life.