There is no stepping down in your Godward march.  It is a continuous journey through day and night, through hill and dale, through smiles and tears, through birth and death, through womb and tomb.  When the road ends, God is attained.  The pilgrim finds that he has travelled from himself to himself.  That even though the path was long and lonesome, the Divinity which he discovered was all the time in him, with him and beside him. – Baba

The most earnest inquiries of life happen when we are alone. It is the only time, the mind finds external tranquility to converse with the spirit. The veil of showmanship, or pretense that is put all day long falls off in the lonesome corners of the mind. Loneliness arrives when the mind, weary after intense battle at finding happiness in the world around it is slowly struggles with itself. But it is in this loneliness that it encounters fears that arise and wait to seek greater control. It is then the mind as a child struggles and writhes in pain as the demons of fear, shame and guilt start to fill it. That is how loneliness brings about the struggle for eternal peace. The all enduring Spirit, stands face to face protecting the mind from the illusions created by the mind itself, that have now become a realistic part of it. They cast shadows so big and scary that it feels like an impossible task to face them.

But loneliness is a deadly poison as well. Without proper guide it drives one into a never ending loop of self misery and pride. As my Spiritual Master steps into the final stages (from anything to a few months to a few years) of His earthly presence, I cannot find words of gratitude toward Him. Every single occasion i have faltered He has watched and carefully brought me back on track. His greatest lessons have come at times of loneliness.