A few days back, I posted a few of my thoughts on the lessons of loneliness. I strongly believe that, a person’s struggle for inner peace is a lonesome journey. But I am as for now, confused its relation with social connection. But Baba says,

MAN is so designed that he can derive aanandha (happiness or divine bliss) and maintain it only through association with his kind. To divest oneself of all contacts with others, and tread a lonely path is a sign of weakness, of fear—not of courage. Lively association alone produces morality, justice, compassion, sympathy, love, tolerance, equanimity and many other qualities that toughen and train character, and mould the personality of man. Culture is the consequence of the co-mingling of hearts and heads. A group of individuals, who are charged with hatred or contempt of each other, cannot produce any beneficial effect on any of its components; a common outlook, or rather, a common inlook, is the essential factor, Sama-chintha—the similarity of beliefs, opinions and attitudes—is the prime factor. This Sama-chintha must result in a flood of aanandha (happiness or divine bliss) that envelops and enthuses the entire group. If the individual knows he is Divine and that all else are equally so, that consciousness is the best bond for Society, that aanandha (happiness or divine bliss) is the best atmosphere to sustain the Society. How can a person who knows that all are Divine keep away from the God He recognises? “I am he, he is I, both I and He are kith and kin in Him.” This awareness is so thrilling, so satisfying, so uplifting, that such Society is the noblest Sathsang (holy company) man can ever come into.


My question then is, for one who is struggling in the path of spiritual journey, how does he or she connect with the society when there is no one to share this feeling with. It is hard to explain and garner support (both mental and spiritual) when one has not experienced the pain. Is social communion part of the spiritual journey. How does one balance this? Or does one continue to live in loneliness…


A further quote from Baba:

Society is the school where this lesson is taught to those who earnestly seek. The sages of this land resorted to the hermitages in the forests, and mixed with the steadfast seekers there is scholastic discussion and disciplinary practices. They drew inspiration and instruction from each other, and learnt the Truth, Ishaavaasyam idham jagath—“This Universe is enveloped in God”— that God is the string on which the worlds are strung. When man gives up his conceit and becomes nature’s pupil, rather than its tyrannical master, he can hear her voice advising, admonishing, and illuminating.

Seeking company is very important, but how does one find it?