An Inspirational Message received by Seema Dewan April 28 11:14 a.m. US time

1. You have not lost Me… I was always there then… now … and for all times to come. All you have lost is Atma Vishwas (Self-confidence). Return to the confidence and restore its will.

2. The words of truth I have left in every atom of this Universe. This truth shall shine and its brilliance shall reach the pure mind and the loving at heart.

3. You have work to do… you must breath for the well-being of all living beings… I have left this body only to expand My work. Until your very last breath you must be ready to receive all work that I send your way.

4. Always remember you know only that much of time that I reveal to you… the rest comes moment to moment… and you shall lean on Me and make peace with what time offers to you…

5. There is nothing that I have left unspoken… I have reached out to you and always will… you must now interlock your life with My teachings.

6. The wise one remains silent in the middle of the chaos and not only finds a way for himself but also leads others to safety. Keep peace always in your heart……… that shall give you courage to rescue those that have panicked in fear and grief.

7. Strengthen your mind first. There is no one that can make you weak. There is no circumstance that can make you feeble… You are what you are for you have made it to be… No one else is to blame… Be firm and do not sway…

8. If you offer yourself to Me fully and completely then you shall feel My presence and shall witness My miracles moment to moment. But if there is even a slight doubt all will be lost in the raging pit of fear… Surrender to My will- Obeying it unconditionally shall give you the strength to wipe off all traces of weakness that secretly dwell in you.

9. Keep yourselves always simple… sweet… and untouched by selfishness… Then you shall attain Me… not by any rigorous practice but simply by your heart that you have left open… for My Grace to fill… Station your mind at My feet and place your heart in My hand and I shall do the rest… The best is yet to come if you light these nine lamps from now…

(An Inspirational Message received by Seema Dewan April 28 11:14 a.m. US time)