It is easy to lose sight of what is important in life. Especially when something extraordinary but unnecessary catches the attention or when something very small but important overwhelms oneself. The big picture may not fair regularly in one’s day to day life… but an observation of our activities when carried with the big picture clears the doubts of the mind. Mind is like a lump of soft clay, it molds and shapes into the form of one’s thoughts. Baba explains in the following quote.

When air fills a balloon, it takes the form of the balloon. The mind assumes the form of the objects with which it is attached. If it gets fixed on petty things, it becomes petty; similarly, thinking about grand things, it becomes grand. 

Life is not about outward grandiosity but inner eminence. Lofty ideals are not about what we do in our actions but a strength in the belief of who we are.

Yad Bhavam, Tat Bhavathi  (We think, so we are.)

The big picture sets our minds on who we are, constantly reminding where to get to. Because only a grand, enormous signboard is visible from afar, so that one can make course corrections. As Swami mentions, an enormous signboard is also necessary for pulling the mind away from the petty things to remind it of its immortal Self.

The camera takes a picture of whatever it is pointed at; so take care before you click. Discriminate before you develop attachment. When you develop attachment towards family, wealth, properties, etc., you will come to grief when these decline.

Family, wealth, status, property, power etc are but small goals in life. When directed with the big picture in view… leads one on path of nirvana.

But if you develop attachment towards God, you will grow in love and splendour.