source: The Hindu

It was not long back, when Sanga, gave a beuatiful speech on cricketing roots of Lanka. More importantly, his speech contained the human aspect of cricket, that is but slowly disappearing in the glam and glitter.

Its been some time since crickers have openly and subtlely spoken about problems in cricket. It is time that the game is given back its passion and intensity. The innocence and beauty of this game has been marred by the way in which the political brass in countries is making it a point to make it a money sport. I only know about the arrogance of my country’s controlling body; Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI). It has slowly into the hands of 2nd grade politicians, finding it too hard to work through the country’s political system are moving to cricket which has won the attention of the entire populace. Nepotism, bribery, spot-fixing are all the result of people with no interest in the sport it but in controlling the money. It is not a previleged sport. Respect it for the people who support it. It is true, that money corrupts one’s judgement. From the time, when India first won the world cup to the time when it won the second time, the country’s credibility and conduct has suffered immensely. After the second win, it has become a hostage to government cronies. Having gained the attention of the corporates in the form of Indian Premiere League (IPL). Corruption in this sport in my country is taking a different form. A form that is supported now by influential and powerful people with money. Slowly my country is staking its presence on other boards, in matters of international decisions concerning the sport are being looked into from the point of view of personal benefit rather than for uplifting and popularizing the sport. Cricket is not supported by money, but by the people and with the growing disillusionment among the fans; these are dire times for the sport.