One of the most difficult aspects of life for me have been in professional dealings. Explaining people ideas I have is sometimes the most irritating thing. It sprouts conflicting feelings. There are three important facets of this. Firstly, to explain or put the point across as clearly as one can. Secondly, to listen to the comments or suggestions of the other person. Thirdly, to “mind” one’s emotions toward critical or favourable comments vehemently.

The greatest challenge I observed is when I don’t know the cause for a negative feeling generated during the conversation. When I see an anger growing within me, I wonder, how can I suppress it. I ask myself, why am I angry. And the only answer that comes back is, “But for this person in front of me, I would be peaceful”. I attribute this conversational debacle to our poor understanding of each other’s English. But it is obvious English has very little to do with it.

It could be our priorities. We are perhaps poles apart in our thinking. It could be my arrogance to accept certain comments about my viewpoint. But when one belittles an idea as being being simple and unworthy of their attention, it does drive me mad. And I want nothing to do with this person. I agree, I got too personal with my viewpoint and built a castle around it. And it came crumbling down, when, it did not receive the support of another person’s acceptance. Being practical and receptive to anything and everything plays a major role in professional conversations. What is accepted and responded to, is a matter of choice left to the parties involved.

But most importantly, any conversation without humility is one devoid of value… so I look back at this entire fiasco and ask myself, wherein lay the fault. And the answer is crystal clear.