Today is the anniversary of some of the brutal scars of world war II. This was the day, when the first ever man-made nuclear explosion hit the earth. Most of us alive today, haven’t seen the ugly face of war. We have heard tales from our grandparents and perhaps our parents. But time has spared us the agony and pain inflicted by this catastrophic event. It has been the story told and retold in history how man has engaged in war to regain sanity and peace with himself. Grief leaves the soul tired and desiring peace. But in today’s world where man possesses destructive powers far beyond his ken; war is the solution to sanity. We may not have experienced the savages of war, but let us promise to ourselves, for the sake of ourselves and for the generations to come, that we shall protect peace as our very breath, not through war, but through Love.

Mahatma Gandhi had once said… “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

A request to observe a moment of silence for all the souls lost, to wars on this planet. War is always been the result of atleast one person being selfish. The very basic of human frailty. Let this day serve as a reminder to be always giving and forgiving.