I must admit, I am pulled into the bandwagon of the Anti-corruption outcry in the country. For good reason too. All Indians, somewhere in our hearts harbour a feeling of seeing an ideal country. We all have seen and are living a life of corruption in one form or the other. From the public distribution systems to the space technology work, India is swarming with public sector officials, who have created a system that takes advantage of the common man. The bottom line, the common factor weather I am public official or a private citizen. I am discontent. I am not an active supporter of this new movement in India. It is haphazard, randomly targeted and although is manned by some of the most educated people in the country, is spiralling out of control. It is as the freedom struggle in the 30s and 40s, one man’s crusade that inspired millions to follow and ask for independence; which was followed by the anarchy led by the immature Indian political system. There are those of us who believe that, the current struggle is very narrow minded. The recent article from Arundati Roy in “The Hindu” is a reflection of this feeling. I believe however, it has to begin somewhere. I agree that our politicians are such that they are ready to take any form of advantage that the situation provides to swoop in to grab power. The political parties have mastered this art to perfection. But we must all not let the adrenaline rush of the moment to affect our judgement. It is merely the first step in this fight. Perhaps the Lokpal bill will be passed with all the clauses that are demanded by the “Anna Team”, but by no means should we assume it to be perfect. It will need amendments. There will be need for new laws, a need for a change in our way of thinking of course.

For how long are we willing to support, corruption through our actions. We settle for living a corrupt life by reasoning that, everyone around is the same. When and where will this vicious circle end. It is spiralling the legacy of India into an abyss. It is important now, more than ever to stand for more than just our lives. It is time to start thinking that the country’s good would lead toward my good. Let us all join perhaps not this battle but the war; against corruption, in our own way.