A few days back, I had posted about my feelings on the Anna Bandwagon. As Indians we all stand united against other people being corrupt. But when it comes to looking into ourselves, we are the most hypocritical of them all. We are ready wage wars against corruption. But when it comes to show common decency, we are no better than cattle. What good is a corruption free system, if we ourselves cannot behave as human beings. Why are the people supporting Anna Hazare, joining the fast. Do you want camera attention. Do you want to fill your CV with acts of social responsibility. For the adrenaline rush perhaps. The entire fast is a mockery if we do not learn to be human beings. For those of you wondering where all this is pointing to, please read the news article (Ramlila Maidan turns into garbage ground). However, I am not writing this purely due to the outrage toward this behaviour. But you see the statement below by a volunteer sums up the true Indian’s thinking… Ofcourse news such as this would be splashed all over the papers and news channels. But if an Indian is reading this, he/she knows that we all at some point in our lives have done this. I used to have long debates with my dad and uncle, about the “Chalta Hai” attitude of my countrymen. Unfortunately that in itself opens a huge issue. But this is why Jan Lokpal or no Jan Lokpal, the country is in trouble. Because we as people of INDIA cannot stand united “for the country”.

Baba always says, “no work is small and insignificant“. Bhagavad Gita points out, “It is better to do one’s own Dharma improperly, than to do someone else’s Dharma perfectly“. Our responsibility for the country starts by not cleansing others, as the people undertaking the so called Jihad are doing. Our struggle is with ourselves to be better human beings. I urge all of you reading this, please take some time to understand that, Anna Hazare is doing what he can for the country. We as the spectators must learn from his ideals to make ourselves better people. Please do not follow the bandwagon blindly.