No, I am not talking about any earth quakes here. Quake was and i guess still is the most popular of the first few, first-person shooting games. Way back when I was in college, this was the game to own. It was also around the time when I got my first computer a P-III 550 MHz with integrated graphics and 512 MB RAM. I can remember the endless times, I played around with this computer, breaking it and fixing it, endlessly trying to install and remove and re-install Linux (Red Hat, at that time). It was also the time when I first got hold of pirated copy of Quake III and ran wild with it. Playing each scenarios and installing new ones. I remember my friday nights and saturday afternoons exclusively spent on two games Quake and Age of Empires. The only two games I ever played and got seriously addicted to. We even managed to play Quake III in 1999, on LAN competing against real people. For Quake my computer’s graphics card was never sufficient but it managed to provide a decent quality for uninterrupted gaming in spite of the blue screens that Win 98 was so famous for. Recently, I came across this article on about Quake’s programmer John Carmack . Here are a few pictures that brought back memories of my gaming life… For a gamer, this is a priceless relics…

John Carmack coded Quake on a 28-inch 16:9 1080p monitor in 1995

John Carmack, Quake's Programmer

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