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Swami often says, the body is a temple, that contains the Lord in the form of Atma, the Spirit. Just as a temple is kept clean by daily cleaning up and prayers. So too, the body must be kept clean not just in appearance, but with respect to its most important aspects, the five senses. Why is it important, one may ask? Well Swami draws similarity between a house and a body to explain in the most simplest of terms the importance of sense control and purity. The brain is a powerful processor. It accepts everything that is given to it. What happens to the processor when its overloaded with information, for example a virus program. It starts acting weird and becomes unresponsive. Well i don’t use Windows so it does not bother me, jokes apart, you know what I mean. It breaks down and elates at every sight of pain and pleasure. Like a person trying to catch his breath after being underwater for long time, it searches for a breath of air (pleasure) before it is pulled back into the misery (underwater). These ups and downs of the mind are a result of indiscriminate use of the senses. Swami also says, that it is not an easy task. But meditation and constant contemplation on the true nature of our being, makes it a breeze. Think about it and experience the freedom of meditation, by yourself.