My latest trip in Taiwan was to visit my friend’s family in Chinjing. They own a resort in an isolated part of the mountains Chinjing, which is famous for its sheep farm. I have never seen it but I can say that I have not missed being there. Chinjing is just so beautiful that each time I visited during winter, spring, and now in autumn, it never fails to mesmerize.

I cannot believe its been almost 18 months since my visit to this resort. I had traveled there with Jennifer and her daughter. I fell in love with the place. I made friends who have now become my family in Taiwan. The first visit was in the spring-winter season. We reached there about afternoon, when the mountains were covered by fog everywhere. We had reached the resort around, 3pm and could not see a thing. I did not even realize that there was a valley right in front of the place until the next day in the morning, when I woke up for a stroll through the mountains. The moment I had stepped out it felt like the show had begun, and the curtains were raised and nature was unveiling its parade.

The autumn was slightly different. There was a bit of rain in the air. And it was cool, not cold. I love the smell of air when it rains a little and then there is a bit of sun, just enough to give a warm feeling and then there is a cool breeze gently floating around. For the first time in over an year, I had less feeling of anxiousness. I was here to just relax and it was exactly what I got.

The last time I visited this place, I had no camera, I had borrowed my friend’s camera which was no where near to what I was used to. This time however, as I stood taking pictures I was telling myself, I remember this place so well in my mind. It hadn’t changed a bit.

I love the mountains, they seem to be mystery, holding something in their midst. nourishing life. From far they look majestic, as we travel through them exploring their hidden mystery. It just reveals life going about its own business.

There are no assumptions. Life sprouts here going about its processes and then culminates into nature again. There are no achievements to be won here. No one to praise or blame. Everyone gets what one works for. I saw this bird as it was busy building its nest to start a family. It takes something from nature and without hesitation returns it back, when asked.

I capture pictures where ever I go because I would like to share with people who cannot be there to experience it. But I question myself. Is this really my intention. As I sat there at the corner of the road by the mountain side, I was asking myself, am I getting too engrossed in photography and forgetting the true beauty of creation.

As the sun sets, I keep thinking about it. Sometimes I feel this answer is staring me at my face, but I don’t want to accept it. But the truth is that when I started taking pictures, I was hit by this intense concentration, that I never felt before to capture to the best of my ability. But now, it feels that I am doing it for someone else.