Last few days, the viewership of my blog has gone from occasional to non-existent. It has made me wonder, all of a sudden, did I do something to provoke this exodus. It seems the posts I make are not so interesting and mostly repetitive. But what is there in a man’s world that can be constantly changing. Then it struck me, it does not matter. The truth of the matter is, that if I blogged for viewership, I would have stopped long time back. Although I originally started this blog to express my anguish with life. I never really wrote with the idea that someone would like it. But it just so happens, that it grew into this concept because somewhere deep down I want to experience popularity. Internet incidentally offers anonymous popularity.

A few weeks back, I drastically reduced my Facebook usage. I noticed this increased sense of impatience and attention seeking that I could not explain. I observed how people would comment on my friend’s posts by the tens and hundreds. And my posts would go unnoticed. I used to wonder, does no one from my friend’s list like to talk to me. It took a good part of a month to convince myself, that all this was a part of the increase in impersonal interactions on the internet. First it was email, then it was instant messaging, now its social networking in the form of Google+, FB, twitter etc. Each are read and responded to by people who are almost never in direct contact with us. The level of personal touch is disappearing at each stage of increased social contact.

Why are we so desperate to reach out to people we never see? How would one’s comments and views about such things matter to us? Internet was a medium of information exchange, when did it turn into a source of personal fulfillment. Honestly, I cannot speak for everyone, but it was something that I couldn’t live with. The same seems to be happening again with wordpress. And during my last trip in Taiwan, I was asking the same questions about photography.

The fundamental question in philosophy, if a apple falls in a thick jungle and no one is around, does it mean that the apple did not fall, just because no being  witnessed it. So, is my blog rendered useless, because it is losing viewership. 🙂 … ofcourse not. It only means, I can stop writing for others and just write because its a lovely feeling to write!