I lived for two years in Potsdam. I love the place, the Fall, its bone chilling winter and its warm and rainy summers. It used to deserted in the summer break, being a university town and all. But I miss living here. Here are some pictures during my stay there.

Sunset by Racquet river...

Fall in Potsdam, I had never experienced the fall season in India.

The streets are decorated by these flowers once every year... the week of graduation they are at their best...

On my trip to Niagara. The bridge between US and Canada

Trinity Church, by the Racquet river

IVES Park Gazebo

Behind Clarkson University, down the hill.

On my first trip to DC, while studying at Clarkson, Potsdam... I just took a few pictures from the car... So thought of sharing this one here.

Out of the world communication.

All pictures taken using my first camera Konica Minolta DiMage Z2. One of the most amazing point and shoot cameras. 😦 unfortunately out of production because of Sony taking over Konica Minolta.