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Yesterday was the celebration of the 100 years of Taiwan, established as the Republic of China. To my sweet surprise they were planning to hold the fireworks in Chang Bing Industrial park where I work. This was my first time to see live firework performance. So needless to say I was excited about it. More so because now, I wanted to try out my hand at firework photography.

I started my preparations about 2 pm that afternoon. First making sure, all my camera batteries were charged and ready to go. Then the make sure that the tripod is in place and i had a clean SD card.

At this point I realized I could not find the tripod clip. The previous day, I had removed it and until now forgotten about it. After the first five minutes of searching I panicked, mad and completely went berserk, only to find it right under my nose in my camera bag pocket. :), it was hilarious.

Anyway, then I went on to try to use my computer to connect to the camera to take pictures. This was due to lack of a remote control for my camera. The laptop was like a huge remote control replacement. I worked on fixing this for about couple of hours, at which point I was only able to hit a command and take the picture.

Anyway, I was just able to do very basic stuff so I gave up trying anything too fancy and started getting ready. I had a light lunch that afternoon and by now I was starving again. But I had no time left since I wanted to canvass the locations to pick the best spot. So I took a shower, gulped half a liter of milk, filled up a bottle of water and packed my equipment including the laptop into my backpack.

As I was heading out, I met my friend Kai with his girlfriend, who asked me if I had the badge for moving around unrestricted in the buildings. So I hurried on. My first stop was at the hospital, where I met a friend to ask if I could be able to use the hospital top floor. But unfortunately (later fortunately), it was locked for a private event. So I moved on, to AITS the institute I work.

Here, I managed to reach the top floor where again there was going to be a private gathering of people Dr. Huang (Big Boss) had invited. Fortunately, there was no one there as yet, so I managed to sneak into the place where they have water tanks on top of the building and set up my equipment (not much of anything but still it sounds more professional haha… 😀 ).  And the following view was set. It was about 5:30pm and I had about 1 and half hour to wait. There were some anxious moments with a light rain in the air.

About 10 minutes before the start of the fireworks, an old gentleman, Dr. Huang’s friend walked in with his own equipment. I was pleasantly surprised to see an old man managing to climb up the ladder with all the photographic equipment. But happy to have him there for company, we chatted on till the fireworks ended. Around 7 pm the fireworks began and I dont remember me doing anything other than snapping pictures. Here are a few from the album. Check out the photo album page to see the full album.

I have never seen so many people in this area are that day.

Another opportunity for Light Stream Photography… 😀

And the day ended around 10pm as life returned to its normalcy.