Dear readers, I apologize for a prolonged silence on the blog. I recently relocated from Taiwan, back to India and am in the process of moving to France for Phd. Things are moving extremely slowly and my commitments in Taiwan have found their way to India and probably to France too. Needless to say, apart from much anxiety, I have

Nicholas Ayache

been very busy with work. I just completed an interview with my future boss in France and he has accepted after a little deliberation that he would be happy to direct me in the Phd. I am just wondering how it would be to work with a guy who will have more hair that I do when I am his age.

I had put everything around me on hold during since my arrival to India, in preparation for this interview. It is the first time in two years I am having to look back and explain to someone what I have been up to in the last 6 years. It is still a challenging task for me.

Well, apart from that, I have had an emotional departure from Taiwan. Unfortunately, my work kept me so busy that, I hardly had the time to say good byes to everyone. But was able to manage spending the weekends on meeting people and working extra hours on the weekdays. Now that, I have completed my presentation for my future boss, my mind is relatively free and unrestrained in expressing the emotions of my departure from Taiwan.

My last month in Taiwan has been unforgettable. I met many friends, some, I was planning to meet for over an year, spoke to some, had lunch or dinner with some. Still left without meeting some. I came to Taiwan with a very uncertain past and an equally ambiguous future. All through my stay in Taiwan, I complained of being alone, but hardly did I realize until the last few days, how important it was for me at that point of time. It allowed me to focus better on work and root out all the nonsense of life. But I had my moments of despair due to lack of constant company.

But now, I see, that I keep asking for things that I hope will provide me the best environment for working and living life peacefully. Peace comes from one’s own effort to settle the mind, and the ambiance has perhaps 10-20% at best if the desire is strong.

I will be moving to Strasbourg in the beginning of January. Its another attempt in the pursuit of acquiring Phd. I hope I have learnt from my past mistakes well enough to put up a better struggle. Yet, at this point in life, there seem to many uncertainties. I always imagined that life as nearing 30 would be more clear and in more ways defined. But I am here or nearly there, and I can say that, apart from the time spent as a kid for the first 10 years, there are no other moments I remember, not being confronted with uncertainties.