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For quite some time I have been justifying to myself. Baba explains that for a person stepping into a spiritual education, a set discipline is needed. To first clear the working of the outside before turning attention inward. 🙂 So I have been justifying to myself, that I don’t need to step out of the bounds of my daily activities, they suffice for maintaining a spiritual discipline. For example, I am lazy enough to find a congregation of bhajan singers in my locality to have a weekly dose of spiritual music. I try to avoid, doing prayers everyday and do it at times that I feel like justifying again that, when I am not, I am still thinking about God.

As I was watching a television show with my mom, an interview with a spiritual teacher. The interviewer asked the teacher, “What if I am happy with the way I live, may be involved in all the spiritual activities, stay home, don’t go to the temple, remember God? Is it not sufficient?”.

The interviewee smiled and said, “I don’t know. Is it sufficient? Lets take the example of a child. No child wants to go to school. He is very happy in the environment and the comfort of the house in the family. He resists going to the school initially, crying and making all kinds of excuses. But the parents understand the importance of schooling and so with loving and caring words and other distraction, take his mind away from the initial jitters. But after a while he begins to enjoy going to school. The same way… the mind finds comfort in the things that it does. It is in a secure place in the routine of life. It draws peace and bliss from the activities of the body. Just as a child needs to be goaded and guided to go to school initially, the mind must be directed toward activities that purify the physical environment. Hence even if it feels undesirable or unnecessary, it has to be goaded to visit the temple regularly. Have bhajans (community spiritual singing). Seek company of spiritually inclined people. Involve in service. Meditation etc.”