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Its been about three weeks since I landed in India and I was very much hoping to have a lot of time to write on the blog. But its been over two months since I have made a decent post on the blog and I am fast running out of ideas to write. So I am just going to write about how fast days are passing by without the slightest care for my feelings. Its like 26 days have passed in a blink of an eye and I am coming close to yet another adventure. I am not sure I should be excited about it, but as it happens, things are still up in the air.

Anyway, last few days I have been trying to get into a routine of doing Yoga every morning. I try to get up early enough to not allow it to jump into the middle of the day. As opposed to the strenuous workouts of jogging and elliptical, Yoga has been so far kind to my muscles (touchwood!!). I don’t have any soreness excepting one around the neck, that propped up after an extra bit of stretching today.

Apart from that I have been desperately trying to finish this presentation for a conference I will not be attending. So someone from my team would be presenting it. Initially I assumed this would be a couple of hours job, but those couple of hours have stretched into something like three days already. Now I feel like why did I write this paper in the first place. So I sit staring at the computer screen, at the presentation and back at the browser and then at something else… until its time for lunch or snack or a bathroom break and then it prolongs. I wouldn’t call this procrastination, more like presenter’s block.

Being back home always gives me a lot of time. I have taken ample advantage of the fact that I don’t have to do my daily chores. Sleeping, reading and watching TV during the time when there was no need for my presence. I can say, food habits and timings have considerably improved. Sleeping patterns have been more regularized.    I wonder who would be reading this. It looks like the rantings of a bored individual. Anyway take care of yourselves. I leave you with a thought for the day from Baba.

Peace in the Heart