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The man has paid his debt to life. I feel utterly miserable to look at this picture… because i cannot see one person in the background rushing for his help. Neither do I see everyone running helter-skelter. The background just gives me a feeling that, this is just part of life.

Imphal Blast: Last moments of the victim

Just days before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s scheduled visit to Imphal, capital of Manipur, a powerful bomb explosion took place at the Sangai Festival. One person, a rickshaw-puller, died in the explosion caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) that he was reportedly carrying in his rickshaw. Police who interrogated the man just before he died said that he was given a package by a member of the Kangleipak Communist Party. The rickshaw-puller, identified as Kora, charged Rs 20 to transport the package. The site of the blast is about 50 metres away from the new convention centre, which the Prime Minister is due to inaugurate December 3. These photographs, taken in the minutes following the blast, show Kora the rickshaw-puller before he succumbed to his injuries. (Viewer discretion is advised.)