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I was sifting through my sister’s old files and found these TOI cartoons…

Depicting the nature of politics in India and the boot licking that other officials do the politicians

One the ever increasing fuel prices. A parody of middle class man's apathy for the situation

Constant adjournment of Parliament in New Delhi. This is as prevalent a decade ago as it is now. The cartoon shows a humorous suggestion of locking them up to let them resolve their differences.

The scorching summers of India

Another satire at increasing fuel prices

On the jam packed stands for the ODI cricket match between india and pakistan.

Eve teasing a nuisance in cities

On perennial water shortages in the country

Black money in India


The state of roads in India during monsoons and on spitting after Gutka chewing. Gutka safely takes No. 1 for worst inventions of mankind.

A satire on lack of civic sense among Indians. Can see people pissing on the road side.

Haha, Just come to mumbai, you will see what it means.