Mr. Ajit Popat a close devotee of Baba, talks about the teachings of Baba where what is it that our prayer to God means in his life. The deep meaning of pooja, the symbolic meaning of the offerings made in pooja, what is the significance of a Guru. The significance of the month of October in the life of a Baba devotee.

Mr. Popat narrates as Baba once explained to him, that the fatherhood of God is not a problem as every religion proclaims this without question… it is the brotherhood of man that needs attention.

Ah, such beautiful realization, as he explains what is Maanasa bhajare Guru charanam… (Oh Mind.. worship the Guru…) the power and efficacy of Maanasa (Mental) pooja… it is strange that I was talking about this to my wife just yesterday about this topic and trying to explain the need for ritual in manner that we do with full realization of its spirit, but even this is paltry in its effect of Maanasika pooja, where the true monkey is made to sit down and do pooja…

The significance of service in our lives, service to every living being around us is a yagna, that is beyond anything, in life of a human being. Blessed are those who engage themselves in service without any expectation of returns.