Sometimes the cloud of envy and hatred come to darken relationships. This is primarily due to fear; fear that causes anger. The emergence of devotion, and the humility and wisdom resulting from it, will make fear and anger disappear. Anger wastes health, time and character. Never allow it to have a free play. Just like you cultivate the field, you must cultivate the fields of feelings, motives, desires and promptings. People are often ruined because they cannot tolerate the prosperity of another. Most people are bent on pulling down another. Jealousy is the chief cause of ruin and it is born due to the undue importance attached to the body, the senses and the accumulation of objects that cater to the senses. Develop the spirit of mutual help. See things in proper perspective; give everything its worth and no more.  - Divine Discourse, Sep 9, 1959.
Why do we see a twist and turn in most relationships? What can we do to support, collaborate and live peacefully? Bhagawan explains today the art of living in joy.