A little graphic for some… but this is direct evidence in support of eating whole/natural food as opposed to processed food… Many a times we don’t care about the derivatives of the artificial colorants, preservatives being used in the food, please listen carefully to the voice in the video as she explains some of the key constituents in Gatorade … and similar drinks… Don’t forget coke and pepsi… and other soft drinks which are being substituted for water as the drink of choice with our meals.

Also it is quite common among students to especially in India and China, to survive on instant noodles. The video has shows some very alarming images. Imagine how long those noodles stay in your digestive tract. One of the many reasons I advocate against eating Maggie noodles… They are built to last the ice ages … :). Jokes apart, I am saying this is an alarming issue. Please take a serious look at what you eat and where the stuff comes from. People who make your food don’t care about your health. They care that you pay for it.

NOTE: The device being used in these trials is a standard device called capsule endoscope which is very routinely used by gastroenterologists for their diagnosis… and is not anything very special…