An Account from Dr. M. S. Ramakrishna Rao on his experience with Baba’s grace.

The ways of Divine Grace are incomprehensible. Many of us think that we are very secure, with our rational approach to the myriad problems of life; we try to tackle them on what we call `scientific’ basis. But, we forget that all branches of science lead only to Him. In fact, He is the embodiment of all Knowledge and all Wisdom. He is Jnanaswarupa. An iota of realisation comes to most men, when they are aware of the Divine Presence. Now and then, Divine Grace would be so obviously present, that we can perceive the Presence, with our mundane sense. I would like to present such a case:

A friend of mine, Sri. M. R. B Narasimsimha Rao, M. A., of the Andhra University Press, came to me one day, in February last, with some vague complaint of the right eye. He was very much agitated; he told me that he had suffered some kind of trouble in that eye; continuously for a number of months, sixteen years ago.

As a specialist, I told him that, as long as it was an eye disease, there was nothing to worry about, since I was there (as if I can treat and cure any eye condition and every eye condition)! I must say, I am an eye specialist with the highest degree available in India.

I began treating him, in the routine way, for conjunctivitis. A couple of days later, when I examined his eyes carefully, I found that there was the much dreaded Dendritic Ulcer, is his right eye! The disease is caused by a virus called Herpes Simplex. The disease is chronic in nature and IDU (Stoxil of Smith in Klein and French Co. of U. S. A ) is the only drug in clinical use, which has direct action against the virus. And, that drug was not available in the Indian market.

I was much annoyed. But, what could I do? I had to give him only a non-specific treatment for the ulcer cornea. I began cauterising the ulcer, with various available reagents like Iodine and Carbolic Acid, the latter being the most powerful reagent of all.

The disease did not respond to them, as one should expect. After a few days, to my utter surprise and distress, his other eye also got infected with the same organism. This spreading to the other eye is quite unusual! In fact I had not come across a single case, wherein both eyes are affected by this virus. I was really annoyed. I ran to my Professor Dr. R. Suryaprasad Rao, M. S , who has spent all his years of service in the Eye Department, and who is still an active practitioner of ophthalmic medicine and surgery. He told me that he had not seen a single case, where both eyes were thus affected. He promised to secure for me IDU the drug of choice, for its treatment.

I tied to get that drug, from other sources also. I sent a telegram to the manufacturers. But, it was all of no avail.

Another two days passed; the disease was gaining ground, with a vengeance. Even if the ulcers healed, I knew that they would leave permanent opactitis behind, causing visual disability, incapacitating the patient permanently. As a friend of the patient and as his physician, I had, you will agree, sufficient reason for disquietude.

At this stage, I must tell you a few more details about the patient. Years ago, he had spent some time with Swami Sivananda at Rishikesh and had visited almost all the holy places in India. Nowhere could he get the most sought-after meditative mood. In 1966, both of us went to Holy Puttaparthi during Dasara, and stayed three days. After the Darshan of Baba, he was transformed into a new personality. He became introspective; he began to meditate for a long time, not caring for even food and drink. Later, he told me that he had never had such divine transport in his lifetime and that he was immensely happy in that state. From then onwards, he developed faith in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Having known the faith of my friend in Him, and having nothing else to think of as a remedy for his eye condition. I prayed to Sathya Sai Baba and put His Vibhuti into both his eyes and bandaged them.

That very night, I could secure much-needed drug IDU, from my Professor Dr. Rao! I felt that my prayers were heard and that Baba Himself had sent me the drug. Next day, in the morning, I enthusiastically opened the bandage, to apply the IDU., when I found to my great joy and astonishment that there was no ulcer, in either eye!

What a miracle! Later, I studied his eyes under the corneal microscope and there was not even a faint trace of any disease or scar, whatsoever. It is generally known that even after a considerable interval, one can trace very easily faint lines, marking the old lesion of Dendritic Ulcer. But, here there was no trace! Such is His Grace!

Our faith is something like a meek impulse in the vastness of Divine Grace and His response towards us, is an imperceptible torrent, enveloping us instantly in His secure care.

May Faith in Him bring relief to us all. Shall we not say, He is truly the embodiment of succour? Shall we not believe that He is Saranagata Vatsala?