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Everyone is liable to make mistakes without being aware of it. However bright a fire may be, there will be smoke emanating from it. So also, whatever good a person might do, there will be a minute trace of evil. Make every effort to ensure that the bad or evil is minimised, and good is maximised. You may not succeed in the first attempt. Carefully think over the consequences of whatever you do or talk. In whatever way you want others to honour you, love you, or behave with you, in the same way you should first behave with others, and love and honour them. Then they will reciprocate. Instead, without you honouring or loving others, if you complain that they are not treating you properly, it is surely a wrong conclusion. Those who advise others about true and good conduct must follow the advice themselves. Then there is no need for advice, others would simply learn the lesson by example.

Prema vahini is a book written by Baba in Telugu. It was later translated into English and can be found here: http://www.sssbpt.info/english/vprema.htm