About me

I am Anant Vemuri.. :)… I live and travel around the sun, in my own personal vehicle which many call, the Earth. I am one of the billions, trying to understand and express, the meaning of my life. I am also one of those billions wanting to enjoy life, but not knowing how. My quest goes on and so do the puzzles of my life.

On a more worldly note, I live in Lugang, Changhua, Taiwan. I work with IRCAD, an affiliate of Chang Bing Show Chwan Hospital. Our team here researches on Augmented reality applied to Surgery.

Life in Lugang is a little quite and laid back. Most of my weekdays revolves around work. Evening in cooking and cleaning OR jogging and playing. I Enjoy a good game of sport especially Tennis or badminton. My new toy D90 also keeps me busy.

I enjoy discussions on philosophy. I love reading. Although through my life I have read very few books, I have throughly enjoyed whatever I have picked up. Agatha Christie is my favorite author.

My home town is Mumbai. A city that has nurtured me and taught me a lot.

Potsdam, NY is another place that is very close to my heart. I have made some very dear friends there. This was the first place I lived for an extended period (of two years) away from home.

Apart from these two places, I have lived in Chennai and New Delhi in India. Orlando in the US. I spent a brief month and half in Strasbourg.

My only belief is to be good and do good and expect nothing in return.

—————– UPDATED ON 3rd Oct 2011 ——–

On a more spiritual note. In the last few years, I have found meditation to be on and off as a powerful tool in settling the mind. The Spiritual Master I follow, Bhagavaan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, gave up His body, on 23rd April 2011. I had seen Him in person for the first and last time on my trip to Parthi before I started for Phd. The experience I had that day was not out of the Earth, but something that reminded me, how important it was to let go of the ego. I can say, that since that day, Baba, has constantly reminded me of the need to let go of the ego. The outlook I have had since I started phd to when I hastily quit it to when I defaulted to return to India, to my first job interview to now; has changed. It’s a cliche to have made the statement, but since then life has transformed around me very much. I feel today, that, it is no longer enough to say “to be good and do good and expect nothing in return.”

So I am searching for the motivation that drives the feeling of good and bad in me. I feel there are many around me in this quest. But this is not a Aspirant’s anonymous. Everyone is on their journey alone. There comes a time after which, one cannot rely on other’s support to carry one through the journey.

To everyone, on this Spiritual journey, All the best, even if this journey is traveled alone, does not mean one cannot seek support. But be aware to not get too attached to it.


3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Heba Atef said:

    Hi Anant,

    I am Heba from Egypt, a software developer, I was so impressed when I saw your qualifications in your linked in profile, while I was trying to find some information about the computer science departments of IRCAD.

    I am currently preparing my master degree in computer science (still attending premaster courses …). I am targeting to make my master degree in the field of biomedical informatics.

    My father is a surgeon who get used to attend some courses in IRCAD Strasbourg, from here I had known this center and I am willing to work for the R&D department.

    Would you please help me to know how can I join it, or is there any fellowship at this center.
    Is it possible to send me your email address so I can contact you ?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. siva sankar said:

    hi anant im sankar tirupati are u remember me

    • Hello Siva Sankar. I apologize for the late reply. I am sorry, I don’t remember when we met. If you dont mind, would please tell me…

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